SZLH250 ring die pellet mill

SZLH250 small pellet mill main structure: feed inlet, level screw feeder, conditioner, pellet making room (includingringmold, pressure roller, and cutter), feed outlet, base, motor andso on. And it is characterized by small areas, easy to op

SZLH250 ring die pellet mill

Working Principles:
During machine working, pellet making bin powder materials are sent to conditioner by screw conveyor, and mixing with steam and grease, then wet and hot condition to make pellet. In order to control materials amount and continuous uniformity, to ensure main motor can work regularly under rated voltage, the feeder adopts stepless speed regulation, which is put die roll equably, finally squeezed into strips from die, and then cutter outside die cuts fixed strip.
Working Process:
1. Feed. Feed device is Feed inlet and level screw feeder, feed inlet can avoid scattering materials, and level screw feeder can ensure materials uniformity to next step.
2. Condition. Condition is to make materials become wetter and hotter with high temperature humidity steam, after conditioning materials, finished pellets have tantalizing smells to quicken poultry appetite.
3. Making Pellet. Feed pellet is made by ring die and pressure roller. These materials of pellet making room are uniform distribution in ring die and pressure roller, then pressed into hole by pressure roller to form cylinder feed, when feed are extruded out of hole, the cutter outside ring die will cut the feed into fixed length pellet feed.
4. Discharging. Feed outlet is under the pellet making room.
Regular Checking and Maintenance
1. Every week clear up feeder and conditioner.
2. Every week check joint part fastening.
3. First use after 500hours change engine oil for main drive box and reducer, afterwards semi-annually.
4. Every two year wash and change engine oil for Feeder, conditioner and bearing.
5. Materials put into machine must prescreening to sort out impurity, avoid damaging machine.
Common Fault and Solve Methods
1. Materials can’t extrude out pellet. Drill gets through die hole, and adjusts quantity of steam and roller gap.
2. Safety pin is broken, clear up remains and change new safety pin.
3. Roller is loose, change belleville spring
4. Pellet is watery, if formula can’t change, please replace longer die.


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1. What's your raw material?

2. The capacity per hour?

3. Is the pellet machine matched with production line? Any special requirements about the cross section size of die and discharge model? 
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