SSHJ2000 double shaft paddle mixer

SSHJ1000 premix feed mixer is widely used in feed, food, chemicals, medicines, pesticides andother powder, granulate, schistose, chunk andropy materials, to improve production capacity.

SSHJ2000 double shaft paddle mixer

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SSHJ double-shaft paddle mixer is low speed, high efficiency, saving energy, excellent ideal mixing equipment, with high mixing uniformity, no dead corner for mixing, short mixing time, it is 15-60 seconds per batch, outlet is located in the bottom of machine, discharging material in the overall length of the bottom, discharge rapidly, avoiding material residual, outlet is good seal, avoid materials leakage, loaded capacity variable range, any mixer machine is up to 40-140% and get good effect. With liquid add pipe, can adding oil grease. The machine is compact structure, pretty design, less occupied areas, high mixing speed, stable performance, less noise, no dust, no pollution.
This machine is composed of two opposite rotate direction rotors, and there are many special angles paddles in rotors, the materials under paddle driving go anticlockwise motion inside machine and move from left to right, and due to two rotors constant movement, these materials are in state of weightlessness, in the case, no matter what their shape and density are, the materials can get weightlessness. Afterwards, the materials are able to go constant cyclic movement, finally get high speed, soft and mixing uniformity.
The mixer machine is horizontal double shaft paddle structure, machine body is W-shaped, there is spray in top of machine, can add liquid, and inlet is in the top of machine, discharging is in the bottom of machine.
Rotor and Transmission
Rotor is made up of paddle shaft and support, motor is chain drive by cycloidal reducer.
Rotor is rotate with certain speed and installed in paddle with certain angle to throw materials inside machine. The materials are in weightlessness forming flow mixing. Meanwhile, paddles drive materials to along the shaft direction, at last, get combined cycle.
Machine Body:
Machine body is W-shaped, there is air exhausting device in two sides, up and down spaces are interlinked.
When discharging, exhausting air can cycle, no overflow machine.
Outlet and Sealing Device
Discharge door is composed of door body, corbel and adjusting screw nut. There are seal parts around of discharge door. When close the door, rubber sealing strip can ensure materials leakage, if sealing strip is bad, can replace new one. When needing, setting adjusting screw nut position can change distance of corbel and door body, to make outlet is even with machine case arc surface, corbel is installed in universal driving shaft.
Discharging Control
Discharging control system is made up of ink mechanism and universal driving shaft and so on. And discharging door is installed in universal driving shaft.
Universal driving shaft is link together with link mechanism, link mechanism drives universal driving shaft movement to make discharging door open or close.
Add Liquid Pipe
Add liquid pipe is installed in the top of machine, made up of pipe and nozzle. Liquid is erupted through nozzle with sector; there are several shower nozzle in machine case, flange is located in pipe entrance, connect with oil supply system.
 Installation, adjustment and before use preparation
Complete inspection before use
The machine is full-sized discharging door, connect with flange, same capacity hopper is installed in the bottom of machine
Install drive chain, adjust tensioning chain wheel position, guarantee chain drive stable and shaft rotate direction is same with mixer machine arrow, and then install chain guard.
Install liquid adding system
Before use, carefully check discharging door open and close, when close, stay discharging door and machine bottom same, and when open, keep suitable angle and stable running and speed.
  Operation and Attention
Before use, keep empty machine running, machine is stable, no abnormal vibration, ensure discharging position normal.
First turn on reducer motor, and guarantee rotor normal then feeding.
The additive should added materials when machine materials half, grease should be sprayed when materials completed, discharging after mixing for some time.
When shut down machine, no residue in grease adding pipe, avoid blocking pipe.
No metal impurity in materials, avoid damage rotor.
Discharging should be flexible, sweep away dust regular
Adopt sodium soap grease (GB492—65)Zn—3.
For reducer motor lubrication, better to use 40-50 motor oil.
Reducer motor first refueling working 400 hours, replace new oil, afterwards, replace for half a year ( work for 8hours per day)
If working longer, shorten replace oil time.
Trouble and Solution
If sudden stopping when using, please open discharging door to discharge materials then start motor.
If discharging door leakage, please check sealing of discharging door and machine, if discharging door is closure lax or sealing strip aging, adjust nut or replace sealing strip.
If discharging door cannot work, please carefully check discharging close system


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