SSHJ500 compound feed mixer

SSHJ500 compound feed mixer is widely used in feed, food, chemicals, medicines, pesticides andother powder, granulate, schistose, chunk andropy materials, to improve production capacity.

SSHJ500 compound feed mixer

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Double-shaft paddle mixer is low speed, high efficiency, saving energy, excellent ideal mixing equipment, with high mixing uniformity, no dead corner for mixing, short mixing time, it is 15-60 seconds per batch, outlet is located in the bottom of machine, discharging material in the overall length of the bottom, discharge rapidly, avoiding material residual, outlet is good seal, avoid materials leakage, loaded capacity variable range, any mixer machine is up to 40-140% and get good effect. With liquid add pipe, can adding oil grease. The machine is compact structure, pretty design, less occupied areas, high mixing speed, stable performance, less noise, no dust, no pollution.
This machine is composed of two opposite rotate direction rotors, and there are many special angles paddles in rotors, the materials under paddle driving go anticlockwise motion inside machine and move from left to right, and due to two rotors constant movement, these materials are in state of weightlessness, in the case, no matter what their shape and density are, the materials can get weightlessness. Afterwards, the materials are able to go constant cyclic movement, finally get high speed, soft and mixing uniformity.


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