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GH25 drum mixer

GH25drum mixer, the mixer is designed from other mixer advantages, easy and reasonable structure, reliable performance, convenient repair, high mixing uniformity, good sealing and no residue, suitable for dry powder. And it is widely used in

GH25 drum mixer

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GH25 drum mixer is that rotor drives rabble and drum silo rolling up and down. It is strong mixing, short mixing time and high uniformity.
Drum mixer has two types of stainless steel and carbon steel materials; this kind of machine has good sealing capability, and no residue, CV≤ 2-3%.  
Technical Structure and Working Principles
The drum mixer is composed of support bracket, protection cover, and rotor and drum silo. The raw materials and mixed materials are put into drum silo by inlet, rotor drives rabble stirring and drum silo rolling up and down to get uniform mixing.
Installation and Trial
1. Put machine on flat ground based on machine dimension
2. Connect electric wire
3. Check spare parts flexible
4. Tighten sealing door when running
5. Keep outlet vertical on ground in case of residue.
Repair and Maintenance
1. Every 400-500 hours, injecting lubricating oil into bearing, and wash each year.
2. Keep off moisture to prevent rust.
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