SFSP66*80 water drop hammer mill

Main Structure and Working Principles: This feed grinder process is divided into two parts: 1.Hammer Blow: There are several crushing methods: crushing, grinding, smashing and Shear broke. Our machine is smashing, raw materials in grinding c

SFSP66*80 water drop hammer mill

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Structure Features:
1. Water drop grinding chamber design, it can remove circulation to get secondary crushing and improve grinding uniformity and capacity.
2. Hammer mill rotor by checking, equipment operation less vibration, less noise, more stable.
3. Adopt direct drive, new bibby coupling, avoid bearing heating.
4. Import advanced bearing, long life, and stable run.
5. Can use impeller feeding, variable frequency feeding, screw conveyor, stepless feeding and various feeding system.
Hammer Mill Operation Matters Need Attention:
1. Carefully check machine before turn on machine, no residue in grinding chamber.
2. Keep idling for 2-3 minutes before putting raw materials, suction system must work.
3. Hammer mill charging should uniform under full load work.
4. When working, hammer mill are abnormal, should shut down machine at once.
5. Keep idling for 2-3minutes after working, until machine is empty.
Common Problems and Solve Methods
1. Fail to start motor: change thicker electric wire, avoid using in peak energy periods, fuse match with motor.
2. Motor overheating: overhaul motor, work under rated load, if need, please change motor.
3. Machine vibration: reinstall machine
4. Grinding chamber is abnormal sound: eliminate impurity to meet requirements.
Care and maintenance
1. Regular check bearing, replace high speed butter to guarantee machine normal run, check spare parts and replace bad ones in time.
2.  If main shaft rotate speed is slow down, should reduce motor position to get regulation speed. If abnormal conditions should shut down machine, it is forbidden to metal into machine, such iron nail, iron and so on. After working, sweep away residues in machine and cover machine with tarpaulin.

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