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Concentrated Feed Production Line

This Concentrated Feed Production Line is mainly used to produce concentrated feed, premix feed and other special powder feed.

Concentrated Feed Production Line

    Features of Concentrated Feed Production Line:     
    There are two steps to finish this processing situation: 
    Firstly: grinding system
    Secondly: mixing system
    1.It is integrated with smashing, pelleting, lifting, cooling, screener, packaging, dust collector and electronic control machine;
    2.It features reasonable process, compact structure and small area occupation;     
    3.It is suitable for livestock, poultry and aquatic product farms to produce feed, the raw materials can be wheat, corn, maize, bean ,rice husk and so on;
    4.Lt is manual and fully-automatic complete feed set;
    5. It is with low cost and quick return.
    6. It is widely used in concentrate line.

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This Concentrated Feed Production Line is mainly 
used to produce concentrated feed, premix feed 
and other special powder feed.

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