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1 ton pellet feed production line

1 t/h pellet feed production line In order to meet the needs of the majority of small and medium-sized farmers and feed producers, we have designed and developed a flat-die pellet feed production line with a capacity of 1 ton per hour, can

1 ton pellet feed production line

Description for feed making plant

This animal feed pellet production line can be used for processing livestock, poultry and aquatic feed pellets, which is specially suitable for big feed factory, breed farms. It has the better raw material versatility, which can be suitable for pelletizing many kinds of raw material, such as corn, broom corn, wheat, beans, oil seed meal and other materials . And also, this manufacturing plant for animal feed has the features of low energy consumption and high production efficiency for larger profits. 
Capacity Pellet feed from 100-1000 kg/h

Advantages of the flat die pellet line

1. Simple structure.
2. Easy to clean and maintain.
3. Spare parts are also easy to change, less cost for rollers and dies.
4. Simple operating, just 1 or 2 workers are OK.
5. The sort of pelletizer is easier to clean than the ring die pellet machine
5. Be able to change new die and rollers faster to save time to produce pellets.
6. Small and light weight, which can be used in home,small farm,and light industrial.
7. Visibility to viewing the material during pelleting is the best way to fix problems


——Main equipment



It widely used in all kinds of crop stalk, cotton firewood, rice straw,  clover, peanuts shells, rice husk cotton seed fur, also use for corn, weeds, soybean, maize, grain, ect.




Large capacity with the low power consumption: one batch can be 500/1000kg.

Easy control, low cost, good performance

flat die pellet mill 08



Low noise, low energy consumption, continuous production and easy operation.
The pellet size can be adjustable by changing grinding disc.
Small and lightweight, making small-scale production possible.

Diesel engine and motor power are available



The latest octagonal cooling box design, no cooling dead ends. The use of closed feeder feed, into the air area, cooling effect is significant.
The use of slide valve reciprocating discharge mechanism, the movement is smooth, reliable, small residue.
Low energy consumption, easy operation.
After cooling the finished product temperature is not higher than room temperature+3 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, suitable for the cooling of granular materials.


Applicable to materials with poor mobility. In the weighing mechanism, the hopper on the system with a suction port, can effectively control the spill of equipment dust to ensure that the dust concentration in the working environment, and can make the scale of the body pressure to maintain balance with the outside world, to avoid the air flow weighing accuracy influences.
Packing accuracy: 0.2% Packing range:10-70kg / bag


Electric control cabinet



Some equipment can be replaced or removed according to different configurations
——Final product

a. For pig, the pellet diameter is usually ø3.5-6.5mm.
b. For cattle, the pellet diameter is usually ø4.5-8mm.
c. For chicken, pellet diameter is usually ø3.2mm.
d. For fish, pellet diameter is usuallyø2.0, ø2.5, ø3.0mm.
e. For shrimps, pellet diameter is usually ø1.0-ø3.5mm.

Pellet length is customized.

Small feed mill plant display  (Different configuration forms)
small feed mill plant flat die pellet line
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