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Classification of premix feed from feed mill

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In the large feed mill industry production,adopted premix feed is usually divided into commercial premix, factory premix and client premix. Different varieties affect different feed formula,amount of premix feed in per ton feed is kilograms instead of grams, so animal feed machinery of ordinary feed mill all can be added, it’s convenience,meanwhile easy to confound the feed properties.

premix feed production line
Commercial premix feed is generally made up of single microsale raw material produced by drugs or vitamin company, such as single premix feed compose of vitamin or drug and a carrier,compound vitamins can be added directly to commercial feed for mixing, also further diluted in feed before use.Due to premix feed contains necessary trace raw materials,it avoids the trouble of weighing different trace raw material in feed mill .
Factory premix usually refers to the mixture of diluted commercial premix feed or commercial premix feed adding other trace raw materials and diluted material. It’s generally produced by feed mills themselves with premix feed production line, but sometimes one mill supply others, adding and mixing standard of premix feed is not unified, in most cases, a specialized production factory with special stirring equipment and trained workers produces premix feed, and provides services for all feed mills.
Client premix feed mainly refers to change from factory premix feed.It’s a mixture made up of commercial premix feed and other trace raw materials and a dilution, can meet needs of one feed mill even special needs, called as client premix feed. It’s usually customized,but final result is to make trace raw materials in feed uniform distribution, effectively overcome problem of insufficient weighing and mixing equipment such as double shaft paddle mixer,improve turnover rate of trace raw materials inventory,and achieve purpose of making full use of trace raw materials inventory.