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Processing flow of fermented feed recommended by cattle and

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Raw materials used in common feed processing includes corn,soybeans,bran,rice bran,broken rice,sorghum,fish meal,soybean meal,cottonseed meal,rapeseed meal,all kinds of trace elements (stone powder, calcium hydrogen phosphate, etc.),antibiotics,vitamins (single vitamin or compound vitamins, etc.),etc.,in the use of pellet feed production line for large-scale production,we also need to use drug additives.In winter,white radish can also be used as feed of cattle and sheep,we can see that,when large-scale production concentrated feed with cattle and sheep feed processing machinery production,feed raw material must be easy to store and process.In small farms cattle and sheep feed can be selected and processed according to the actual situation.

pellet feed production line
1,Preparation.Crush straw or haulm into small pieces or filiform, according to the requirements of cattle,horses,sheep,the best feed is 1 - 2 cm,while the one for sheep and deer is 1cm.
2,Mixture.Pour the leaven into 30 to 35 degrees warm water and fully mix,then mix with prepared straw material after adding water.Whether water content is suitable or not, criteria of that is catching a material by hand,fingers to see the water does not drip,and let go into the appropriate mission.
3,Piles.The raw materials pile up to a height of about 40 cm,length and width are optional.Cover it with insulation and moist material to make it ferment.
4,Temperature control.6-8 hours of fermentation in summer,16-24 hours of fermentation in room temperature above 15 degrees in winter.
5,Turnover.When material temperature reaches 40 degrees,turnover one time.When temperature more than 45℃,it’s easy to ferment and go bad,after turnover 1-2 times,if material turns yellow and sprinkle with fragrant,prove that the fermentation is basically completed, you can remove the cover.
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