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Feeding management of extruded feed cultivation

Author:Animal Feed Block Making Machine updatetime:2017-05-02 Clicks:12

First of all, feed forms popcorn state after extrusion by dry extruder,not only shape and other physical state has changed,and the internal molecular structure of organic matter has changed, make starch easier to digest,protein easier to use.Although extruder a certain extent improve the starch gelatinization degree,formation of modified starch, has a strong water absorption and bonding function.But taking into account the high degree of water absorption of extruded feed,we can add more liquid components to the product such as grease, molasses, etc.,and because it has much stronger bonding function than ordinary starch, in the puffing production process starch addition can be greatly reduced.This provides more room for the choice of other raw materials,and chooses a variety of cheap raw materials to replace those expensive raw materials,which can greatly improve the quality of low-quality raw materials, reduce costs, and will not affect the product quality.

dry extruder
Second,puffing process will release capsule oil in the raw material molecules to improve the thermal energy of fat,puffing put fat and starch or protein together to form a composite product lipoprotein or lipopolysaccharide, reducing free fatty acid content, while passivation of the fat Enzymes, inhibit the degradation of oil, reducing the rancidity, corruption of oil and fat composition in the product storage and transportation process.         
Third,after puffer treatment by pellet feed extruder,feed aroma increases, palatability increases.It can stimulate animal appetite,make long-chain structure of the organic matter such as protein, fat become a short-chain structure and easier to digest.
Fourth,for ruminants,animal feed machinery the professional extruding feed processing equipment produce rumen non-degradable protein, that is rumen protein, to avoid animal ammonia poisoning, improve protein utilization.