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Summer flocks in a timely manner to add vitamins

Author:Animal Feed Block Making Machine updatetime:2017-06-23 Clicks:12

Summer flocks in a timely manner to add vitamins:In hot summer weather,in order to alleviate the heat stress of chickens, feed should be added enough vitamin C and vitamin E. Animal feed machinery has a large amount of evidence and suggests that vitamin C supplementation can reduce the growth inhibition of broiler chickens and the decrease in laying hens from heat stress.

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Studies have shown that supplementation of 200 mg/kg of vitamin C in the diets ,egg production rate is 9% higher than the control group,but also increase feed utilization, reducing the egg breaking rate. Whe disease occurs,adding vitamins as adjuvant therapy has a very important role, especially the addition of vitamin A,vitamin C,vitamin K,studies have shown that vitamin E,vitamin C can enhance the immune function, a variety of stress tolerance, to promote the recovery and growth and development, vitamin K can shorten the blood clotting time, reduce blood loss, therefore, for some bleeding symptoms can relieve symptoms and reduce the role of death. Long-term use of antimicrobial drugs, especially sulfonamides will inhibit the body synthesis of vitamin B1, vitamin K and folic acid,causing the body of vitamin B1, vitamin K and folic acid deficiency,pay attention to add these; transfer, beak, immunization, long-distance transport of the flocks, should be added in the feed of vitamin or in the drinking water to add electrolytic multi-dimensional, quick complement 18, etc., can reduce the transfer, broken beak and other causes of stress response, increase the body's anti-stress ability. Dietary protein levels are too low, double added vitamin A, vitamin E, can reduce the low level of protein caused by adverse effects; and energy levels are too low, the feed, such as adding 20%-40% of vitamin B1, vitamins B2 and 10% to 20% of vitamin B12, vitamin E, choline, the chicken production level is not affected;ring die pellet mill think that chicken dietary selenium deficiency,you should increase the amount of vitamin E.