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Operation requirements of feed pellet production line

Author:Animal Feed Block Making Machine updatetime:2017-04-07 Clicks:12

Flat die pellet mill is usually used for family farming,large-scale farms generally use feed machinery production line,in addition to feed pellet machine,crumbler,mixer,cooling and packaging equipment,it’s the common main force in whole feed machinery production line,it’s better to crush first and then granular for raw material.

9FQ hammer mill crusher
Material crushing is one of the important processes in feed process production.Purpose of crushing material of 9FQ hammer mill crusher is to increase the surface area of the feed finished products to help digestion and absorption of feeding object, be good for some raw materials management,improve mixing performance and particle quality of material, which will not only affect the electricity consumption of feed processing and the cost of vulnerable parts,but also affect the nutritional value of finished pellet feed and the health of livestock and poultry.
The characteristics of feed raw materials have great influence on granulating.Different raw materials of fat,protein,starch content and structure are different.Raw materials with natural protein generally become plastic materials under the action of thermal power,which can produce good quality pellets.If material density and protein content are high, it can be expected to yield and quality of granulation is also good.
Only combination hammer mill and pellet mill can better produce high quality feed particles.Hengfu feed machinery factory is specializing in producing feed production line,mainly has 250,320,350,420 models of pellet feed production line.According to your needs of raw material and yield, we will provide high quality design for you, welcome to visit on-the-spot investigation.