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Analyze factors that affect the humidity of the litter

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Analyze factors that affect the humidity of the litter:Animal feed pellet machine analysis that moisture content of the litter will increase when the increase rate of moisture (excrement / water spill) exceeds the rate of moisture loss (evaporation). This can be caused by external factors (related to the environment),and can also be caused by internal flock factors (including excessive excretion of water from the body).

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1.External factors are rainwater infiltration,excessive water vapor condensation of the chicken floor and drinking water and pipeline leakage.In addition,poor ventilation or lack of heating may cause water in the chicken coop, especially in the winter.
2.There are two possible internal factors (ie,polyuria or diarrhea).Excessive urine can be caused by several reasons.One of the reasons is the normal reaction of the body to high temperature,that is, the chicken drink water to reduce the water and body temperature;other reasons causing excessive drinking water are feeding too high salt, magnesium pollution of limestone, chemical and mineral water impurities.Kidney damage can also cause polyuria, which may be caused by fungal toxins in feed or litter or by viral infection. Diarrhea may be caused by different types of intestinal infections, such as Eimeria infection (coccidiosis), bacterial infection (enteritis) or viral infection (including reovirus).On the other hand,the SLHY1 horizontal feed mixer think it also may be caused by the amount of pentose contained in the diets that may contain a large amount of water, which may be present in the intestinal contents, mycotoxins (aflatoxin and fusarium Toxins), and even rancid fat.