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Chaff Cutter

Chaff Cuttercan cut straw, dry and fresh grass, corn stalk and other agricultural waste. It is an ideal helper for breeding cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other livestock. PackagingShipping CompanyInformation Certifications: OurServices

Chaff Cutter

Chaff Cutter can cut straw, dry and fresh grass, corn stalk and other agricultural waste. It is an ideal helper for breeding cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other livestock.

-Adopts steel frame, small volume, light weight, convenient to move.

-Insurance device adopts design, prevent accidents, machine gnawing dao is safe and reliable.

-Transmission roller adopts grass choose gimbal couplings, compact structure, convenient operation, flexible disassembling.

-Responding to various choices, motor power diesel, tractor, can form a complete set, especially for power is more appropriate for lack of areas.

-Adopts high-quality steel blade, refined by a special process, super wear-resistant, Using high strength bolt, the use of safe and reliable.

-Adopts thick plate machine chooses continuous welded, the whole die forming, suppress labels, beautiful and durable.


Chaff Cutter Parameters
Model 93ZT-0.4 9Z-2.5 9Z-4C 9Z-6A 9Z-9A
Green corn straw 1.2T/H 2.5T/H 4T/H 6T/H 9-18T/H
Dry corn straw 0.5T/H 1T/H 1.6T/H 2T/H 3.5T/H
Dry rice straw 1T/H 1T/H 1.3T/H 2T/H 4T/H
Dry wheat straw 0.4T/H 0.6T/H 1T/H 1.5T/H 3T/H
Dry alfalfa 0.3T/H 1.2T/H 1.5T/H 2.5T/H 3.5T/H
Power 2.2KW,
single phase
4KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 15KW
Rotation Speed 2800R/MIN 1440R/MIN
Transportation Size 780*480*580 MM 510*982*1050 MM 630*1010*1300 MM 755*1393*1585 MM 2620*1720*1850 MM
Usage Size 953*344*800 MM 1230*1150*1695MM 1737*1575*2315 MM 2147*1600*2756 MM 2620*2140*4110 MM
N.W 60KG 138 KG 280 KG 400 KG 880 KG
Cutting Length Adjustable
Blade Quantity 4PCS 2/3/4 PCS 4 PCS 2/3/4 PCS 3 PCS



93QS Series Silage Crop Cutter
Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw/V) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
93QS-1 0.5 2.2/220 850*500*1000 450
93QS-2 2 3/220 1130*670*1400 200
93QS-3 3 5.5/380 1240*770*1600 320
93QS-5 5 7.5/380 1400*930*1720 550
93QS-8 8 11/380 1970*950*1800 630
93QS-10 10 15/380 2750*2050*1800 1050


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1.Are you manufacturer,yes or not?
Answer:Yes,we have been feed machine manufacturer for 23 years,and it will be longer.Now we are capable of producing not only feed machines but also biomass machines and mineral stone processing machines.
2.Can you accept the customized plan? Can you simplify my plan for reducing costs?
Answer:Of course,our brilliant engineers are waiting for it all the time.
3.What's your MOQ?
Answer:Generally speaking,one is okay,but larger quantity ,lower price.
4.What do I need to know to build a feed processing plant?
Answer:You just need figure out the following questions:
(1)What animal do you want to feed? the animal amount?This is used for confirming the production capacity and feed type.
(2)What raw materials you have?material size?material moisture?
(3)Any speical demand?

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