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Why is the chicken feed pellet machine a new choice for chic

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Why is the chicken feed pellet machine a new choice for chicken farmers to get rich?

  Chicken feed pellet machine is a kind of pellet feed processing equipment. In the past, feed was generally processed into powder after feeding, which had the disadvantages of inconvenient feeding, poor palatability, picky eating of livestock, and low utilization rate. With the development and popularization of new pellet feed machinery, powder feed can now be easily processed into pellet feed.
   In chicken breeding, the use of 1 ton pellet feed production line to make pellet feed can effectively save production costs and increase utilization. Moreover, the pellet feed kills a lot of bacteria through high temperature during the pressing process, which can effectively reduce the productivity of animals, and is healthy and convenient.

  The  SZLH304 ring die pellet mill  is powered by 3PHASE. and the pellets are pressed out of the die hole under the pressure of the pressure roller. The length of the pellet feed can be adjusted by a cutter. When the user operates, as long as the raw materials are put into the feeding port, the particles will come out of the discharging port, which is convenient for receiving.
  Customers who raised chickens reported: "I used a chicken feed pellet machine for one year. I made pellet feed myself and it feels good. This is my own ingredients. You can choose ingredients according to different seasons. Less money. 
"It's good to see a lot of friends around me using it. I went to see it. It was going to buy a chicken feed pellet machine," said chicken farmer Mr. Chen.

  Mr. Zhang said, "In the past, I have been working abroad to make money for two college students at home, and now I think it ’s better to raise chickens and be my own boss! I have also read a lot of news about farming on the Internet before, and some people say that farming does not make money. The chicken industry really does not make money, so it will not be able to develop for thousands of years. It is no accident that chicken farmers make money. The industry is definitely not a problem. The key is to look at the technology and methods. I plan to use chicken feed pellet machines to make chicken feed. Whether you can make money depends on this SZLH420 ring die pellet machine!
  The manufacturer of Hengfu chicken feed pellet machine believes that if the adult chickens to be farmed have a market, then scientific and ecological chicken raising is needed. The chicken feed pellet machine can effectively reduce the cost of investment, and the farmers' wallets will also earn more!