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The principle pig feed nutrition follow

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The principle pig feed nutrition follow: Many rural farmers take full advantage of the local rich crop resources advantages,purchase feed processing units for making the pig feed themselves. Most of the farmers buy ready-made concentrate or premix feed from complete animal feed plant, add they add corn and other high-quality feed ingredients. But it needs to pay attention to the rational balance of amino acids in the ingredients, so not only make full use of local feed resources, but also effectively reduce the cost of feeding, so that it has better adaptability, green pollution-free, pollution-free pork quality more fully meet the consumption demand of the consumers, the occupation of the consumer market in order to be better and faster.

9HT feed mixer and grinder
When farmers producing pig feed, shall be based on physiological needs of pigs and reducing waste, ensure that the necessary nutritional needs of growth are fully satisfied. In the process of choosing and producing feed,9HT feed mixer and grinder suggest following below principle:(1) According to the characteristics of their own pig breeding, choose appropriate feeding standards; (2)The source of feed raw materials should be diversified,so that a reasonable balance with nutrition; (3) Preferred choose of fresh raw materials to ensure the quality of feed safety; (4) Scientific arrangements for feed volume, control the proportion of coarse feed.